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This is how to make a web page


What is this website?

This is a website created to help people creat their own website, so the too can create a sucessful website.

These are good examples of popular search engines:
These are very good search engines that are organized and have good themes and pictures and colours and the websites they refer you to make sense. These search engines also give you generally good examples of good websites related to the topic you are searching.

Think of a webpage or website like a book the cover has to get your attention or else you won't pick it up, so you keepexternal image Reading%20a%20book.gif looking and you see abook that catchs your attention, so you pick it up and read the description on the back and if it doesn't make sense or you just don't like the description or it's just boring, you know you won't pick it up. But it just so happens that you like this book so you pick it up and open it up to the first page and read it to make sure that the book isn't to difficult for you. And the word make sense they aren't to confusing you can understand them and they are so simple so its not like it was meant for someone in grade 3. Than you start to like the book so you look to see how long it is or how many chapters it has and you relize that this book is what you want and what you are looking for, so you buy it.